Step 1: Read Coaching Agreement

Blueprint Session

The process of getting to know each student starts at their Blueprint session. This meeting takes place with the student (and their parents if under 18 years old); all parties work together as a team to build the student's Brightside Blueprint-- their starting point, by setting both short and long term goals, as well as discuss areas of strength and where improvements need to be made. Student suitability for coaching is also measured. This session is approximately one hour and the cost is $125.00. Payment is due by credit card at the time of registration.

Academic Coaching

Students can sign up for Academic Coaching sessions on a weekly basis. Students usually attend sessions at the same time, on the same day each week. Weekly appointment times are up to 45 mins and we do provide check-ins in-between sessions.

Students can also add-on Daily Planning  session (15-minute online sessions for students to get set up and get started on their work plan for that day). 

Students in Cegep can also add on the following

  • Study Buddy: Students will receive support while completing their work by implementing the strategies and tools planned out and discussed in their weekly coaching sessions
  • Specialized Tutoring: Students work to improve their academic knowledge-base in math, science, history, reading comprehension & essay-writing. Learning occurs through differentiated methods rooted in the Brightside approach of executive function management (available to elementary, high school and Cegep students)

Payment Information: Payments for sessions occur on a bi-weekly basis on Mondays for the two weeks ahead -- three days prior to the payment date, you will receive an invoice for sessions scheduled over the next two weeks. On the due date, your payment will be processed through your preferred payment method (either automated credit card or e-transfer). If you have opted to pay by e-transfer, please submit your payment to by the due date to avoid administration charges of $10.00 per late day. 

Session costs are as follows: 

Coaching Daily Planning Study Buddy Specialized Tutoring
$80.00 $22.50 $40.00 / hr $65.00 / hr

Cancellations & Lateness 

Lateness: All students are expected to arrive on time as sessions cannot be extended for late arrivals. If your coach is running late, we will extend the session accordingly. 

Student Cancellations: Please note that due to high demand, we are unable to reimburse or reschedule sessions that have already been paid for. If you would like to cancel or stop sessions, please let us know prior to the next billing cycle. 

Coach Cancellations: In the unlikely event that your Learning Coach needs to cancel a session, we will let you know as soon as possible and provide you with alternate arrangements. 

Inclement weather conditions: In the event of inclement weather conditions, in-office sessions shall automatically be switched to online sessions. You will receive an email about these alternate arrangements as soon as possible. 

Policy about sickness: Students who are sick (this includes lice, the flu, strep throat, bronchitis, gastro, covid-19 or anything else that may be contagious) MUST NOT attend in-office sessions at Brightside Learning. Please advise us immediately so we can either transfer the session online or cancel it. 

 Step 2: Complete Form & Make Payment

Please complete the registration form below. At the bottom of the form is the information to process your payment for your Blueprint Session. The cost of the session is $125.00 and will be charged immediately. Once processed, we will send you an insurance receipt and link to the session by email. Please note that your credit card will automatically be stored on file after processing for approved future transactions.